WDBJ7 News Shooting


Several Witnesses Identify the Shooter

Several witnesses identified the shooter in the WDBJ7 News Shooting. Roanoke Police says the man came to the scene of the shooting on his own and was armed with a gun. The gunshot wound was self-inflicted. No suspect has been identified and the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office has not released any details about the shooting. There is currently no ongoing threat to the community, but police are continuing their investigation.

Roanoke police say a man showed up by his own means with a gunshot wound

Roanoke police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting. According to the station, a man showed up by his own means at the hospital with a gunshot wound, but he was not cooperating with the investigation. Police say all of the individuals involved in the shooting knew each other, but the situation remains active.

When the shots rang, reporter Chris Hurst immediately called Franklin County Sheriff Bill Overton’s cell phone. Hurst had Overton’s phone number programmed into his DVR. At that time, his wife had been watching WDBJ when the shots rang. She was able to rewind the video, and Hurst was able to call Overton at the right time. Overton was already on his way to the scene, when Hurst reached him at 7:05 a.m.

Cathy M. Reynolds, a woman who successfully represented her stepson on murder charges, filed a federal lawsuit against Roanoke police. In her lawsuit, Reynolds alleges that the search was racially motivated. She claims that the police used the excuse of having a homicide suspect visit her stepson, who was Black.

Police say the wound is self-inflicted

The Alleghany County Sheriff’s Office says a three-year-old boy was shot in the head in a home in the Vinyard Park area Tuesday evening. A gun was found in the home, hidden underneath clothing. The person who shot the boy was found dead. The sheriff’s office says the incident is not a threat to the public. WDBJ7 is a leading news station in Central New Jersey, and we’ll continue to report on the situation as it unfolds.

The Roanoke County Sheriff’s Office says the 50-year-old man in the WDBJ7 News shooting died after the shooter shot himself. The suspect fled after the officer asked him to put down his gun. The man sped off after the officer asked him to stop and lay down the gun. When the officer returned, the suspect was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Police have released no information about a possible suspect

Authorities have not yet named a possible suspect in the shooting that killed two people at a Roanoke, Virginia, television station. The shooting was the first such incident in the area in over a decade. The incident has left the community shocked and in mourning. Many in the community had never seen such an incident before. Serecia Dobbins, a neighbor, saw the shooting and called 911.

The victims of the shooting are two television reporters, including a veteran anchorman. One of them had a history of workplace grievances and had previously sued a Florida TV station for discrimination on the basis of his race. Although authorities have not publicly identified the suspect, some reports have suggested that perceived racism may have been a motive in the shooting. An anonymous Reddit user who listens to the police scanner feeds has confirmed that police have cleared Johnson Hall and Rector Field House.

Giles County Sheriff’s Office says there is no ongoing threat to the community

The Giles County Sheriff’s Office has lifted its Code Red alert and says there is no ongoing threat to the community. In an update to the public, officials say they’ve gathered additional details about the reported incident. According to the Giles County Sheriff’s Office, the homeowner got into a “struggle” with someone outside his home, who then shot him in the left arm. The suspect fled the scene, but police are still searching for the man.

Authorities say the suspect is still at large but have seized a truck that was involved in the incident. A truck driver had been involved in an accident earlier in the day and complained of feeling sick. The hazardous material was found in the back of the truck. It spilled onto the ground and hazmat crews were called to contain the spill. It’s unclear whether or not the spill poses a threat to hospital patients.


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