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Nikki Giovanni is a writer, poet and activist. She studied at Virginia Tech. The Virginia Tech community was largely supportive of her work, including a letter of support from President Obama. Her writings are known for their lyricism and the strong sense of community that a Virginia Tech student can bring to any campus. She is an inspiration to many people, and her poems and prose are widely read. Nikki Giovanni’s Virginia Tech bio is an excellent resource for those interested in her work.

Nikki Giovanni

Nikki Giovanni is an American poet, writer, activist and educator. She graduated from Virginia Tech in 2014. Her poem, “No Other Name”, is a masterpiece of poetic expression. In addition to her poetry, Nikki is an activist, poet and educator. She is the only poet in the history of the university to win a prestigious award for best student poetry. She is also a proud member of the Virginia Tech community.

A poet, activist, and professor at Virginia Tech, Nikki Giovanni was an important part of the Black Arts Movement during the late 1960s. She has taught at the college for decades and, most notably, gave an empowering speech following the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre. Her work is renowned and has garnered her the title of “Princess of Black Poetry.”


Nikki Giovanni is a writer, activist, and educator. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from Virginia Tech in 2017. Her poetry, essays, and other works have received many awards. Nikki Giovanni is an inspiration to many. Read her bio and read her works to find out why she’s the Virginia Tech Poet Laureate. She also works as a writer for The Virginian-Pilot, a literary magazine devoted to emerging writers.

Nikki Giovanni, a Virginia Tech professor and writer, has been speaking to the campus community since the tragedy. As part of her work, she has been promoting poetry as a means of healing and strengthening the community. Her recent radio interview on “What Can We Do,” a program on campus and writing, has received critical acclaim. Thousands of students, faculty, and staff gathered to hear her speak to the university. Giovanni’s words touched the hearts of many and inspired a nation.


Poet Nikki Giovanni has been called “The Princess of Black Poetry” and has been writing frank works for four decades. Her books include “Black Feeling, Black Talk,” “Black Judgment,” and “Thug Life.” Her jagged poems have touched hearts and inspired a nation. In addition to being a Virginia Tech Hokie, Giovanni has a tattoo reading “Thug Life.”

The poet, author, activist, and professor, Nikki Giovanni is known for her work that uses her gifts as a writer to raise awareness about race and gender issues. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in history from Fisk University in 1967, Giovanni became an outspoken activist for civil rights. In 1968, she published her first book of poetry. Her autobiography was nominated for the National Book Award, and her spoken word album won a Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album.

Advocate for writers

Nikki Giovanni is a poet, poetess, and advocate for writers. She has used her literary gifts to address issues surrounding race, gender, and social issues. Initially a student at Fisk University, she was an outspoken civil rights activist and published her first books of poetry in 1968. Her poetry is often viewed as simplistic and uninteresting, but her poetry has been a hit with both young and old.

After receiving an invitation from Virginia Tech, Giovanni applied for a faculty position in the department of English. She accepted the position and in 1987 was granted tenure and a rank. She has also written numerous poems that have been published in anthologies. In 1989, Giovanni won a National Book Award for Poetry. While she has been a respected poet for nearly 30 years, she has been called a role model for many writers.

Activist in the Black Arts Movement

The late 1960s saw the emergence of radical movements in the arts, and Nikki Giovanni was among the most influential. She was part of the Black Arts Movement, exploring the world through the lens of black nationalism. Today, she is a professor of English at Virginia Tech and has gained a loyal fan base throughout the world. Her work is widely read and she proudly sports a tattoo that reads “Thug Life.” She was also one of the first to give a stirring speech after the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007.

In the 1960s, Giovanni was hailed as a “poet of the Black Revolution.” However, she shifted her focus and now focuses on children’s literature, human relationships, and women’s rights. Today, she is a University Distinguished Professor at Virginia Tech, where she teaches writing courses. She also has an extensive resume of accomplishments, including a number of awards and honors.

Supporter of Virginia Tech

The support of one supporter can mean the world to another. Nikki Giovanni is a proud Hokie. As a writer, she has been known as the “Princess of Black Poetry” for four decades. Her work has been widely acclaimed for its rawness and emotional intensity. She is also a proud Hokie Nation member and has a tattoo that reads “Thug Life.”

As a writer, activist, and poet Nikki Giovanni’s life at Virginia Tech has been changed by the tragedy. The school’s president commissioned a poem to close convocation, which addressed the question of identity, and the poem helped define the school’s community. In addition, a T-shirt and stickers proclaiming “Never Forget” helped rally the community. It is difficult to strike a balance between honoring the victims and promoting the school’s spirit amid ongoing investigations, but a supporter of Nikki Giovanni at Virginia Tech is making a difference.


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