Lt Governors Office Virginia

The Lt Governors Office is a constitutional office in Virginia. They are elected every four years along with the governor and attorney general. They have the same powers and responsibilities as their counterparts in the state government, and serve without compensation. Read on to learn about these officers and their responsibilities in Virginia. We hope you’ll find this information helpful. And if you’re interested in the Lt Governors Office, let’s start by learning more about Winsome Sears.

Winsome Sears

Virginia’s new lieutenant governor will be the first Black woman to hold a statewide office. Sears, a former delegate, was elected to the state’s top office on Tuesday night. In addition to being the first woman of color to hold such a position in the state, she is also the first Black Republican to serve in the office. She was also the state’s first female veteran. Her success has been framed in terms of progress in racial equality in the U.S.

In 2018, Sears’ campaign resurfaced in the political arena. She organized a writing campaign against the Republican Corey Stewart, who is openly affiliated with white nationalists. Sears’ stance on the issue of gun control is also surprising, given that she remains deeply religious. She often listened to worship music while traveling the state to meet constituents. After two decades out of office, Sears’ name recognition faded.

When asked about her campaign platforms, Sears outlined a plan for addressing pressing issues in Virginia. Her platform prioritizes creating jobs, lowering taxes, and improving education in the state. She emphasized the importance of a Black Virginian advisory council, as well as once-in-a-generation investment in historically black colleges. A campaign poster depicted Sears with a semiautomatic rifle.

As a candidate for the office, Sears has already drawn criticism for her past record as a delegate in the General Assembly. Yet, despite this, she has never strayed far from her principles. In fact, she posed for a campaign photo with a rifle. The former delegate from Hampton Roads has a record of supporting progressive issues and policies, and she has backed HBCUs and tax cuts. In addition, Sears is an outspoken proponent of mandatory vaccines against a pandemic.


Winsome Earle-Sears, the Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, will speak at the NRA annual meeting in Houston on Friday, May 25. In the wake of a shooting in Texas in which 19 children and two teachers were killed, the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia is expected to address the NRA. She will speak at a luncheon and auction during the annual meeting, which is held over Memorial Day weekend.

Despite her blatant communication style, Winsome Earle-Sears could prove a difficult opponent for the current governor. Her remarks regarding withholding funding for state programs could aggravate rifts in the Capitol. Youngkin will need the support of Democrats in the state Senate. However, Earle-Sears is no stranger to controversy. In fact, she has made a splash in recent years, showing up for work in a full-length fur coat.

Winsome Earle-Sears is the first woman of color to hold a statewide office in Virginia. She is a former state house member and a devoted Republican. A mother and businesswoman, she was elected last year after being endorsed by 34,000 Twitter users. Earle-Sears will play a pivotal role in Virginia politics, as she will be the tie-breaker in close votes.

Earle-Sears’ political career started in 2001, when she defeated a 10-term Democrat. She then served on the State Board of Education and as the national chair of a nonprofit that aimed to reelect former President Donald Trump. She later started a plumbing and electrical supply business. During her campaign, she used the name Sears, but she preferred Earle-Sears.