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Lawn Care Companies in Roanoke

When you want a perfect lawn, you can find a professional who specializes in lawn care in Roanoke. Whether you need an extensive landscaping job or just a simple mowing, there are several companies that will take care of your lawn. These companies include Grasshopper Lawn Care, Henry’s Lawn Care, Nichols, and Arroyo’s Garden Services. Below, we’ll discuss the top three services they offer.

Grasshopper Lawn Care

Grasshopper Lawn Care Roanovke is a local lawn care company that has been in business for more than 58 years. Their Lawn Care Program helps homeowners achieve thicker, greener lawns. They use a special combination of products to achieve their desired results. Grasshopper Lawn Care Roanoke professionals use the right amount of products to maintain a beautiful lawn. They also use the right amount of application techniques.

Henry’s Lawn Care

With gas prices going up by an average of $1.22 per gallon, some customers have been cutting back on lawn care services. But there’s a solution. Henry’s Lawn Care Roanoke has many customers in Montgomery and Franklin counties, so you’re likely to be able to find a schedule that works for you. Here are some tips to help you choose the right service for your property.

Tree Removal Costs. Depending on the type of tree, size, age, and accessibility, a tree removal in Henry, Virginia will cost anywhere from $200 to $700. A tree removal in Henry, VA will also require stump removal and debris removal, which will cost another $100 to $150. A tree removal in Henry will also require stump removal, tree debris, and shrubs. If you’d like, a Henry tree removal service can also offer free tree removal services.

Garden Services. Henry’s Lawn Care Roanoke offers tree and shrub care, and also provides mulching. Their team offers landscape maintenance services, including aeration, stump removal, and flower bed installation. For lawn mowing, garden service, and shrub trimming, Henry’s Lawn Care Roanoke has you covered. If you need help maintaining a lawn, call Henry’s Lawn Care Roanoke, LLC today.

Nichols Lawn Care

If you are in need of some lawn service or landscaping in Roanoke, VA, then you may want to contact Nichols Lawn Care. They offer services for bushes, trees, and grass. Their services also include household repair and maintenance. Nichols Lawn Care Roanoke can handle all your lawn care needs. Contact them today to get a free estimate! You can also contact Terri Nichols, the owner of the business, for more information.

They offer lawn service and landscaping services to homes and businesses in the area. Services include mowing, mulching, trimming, clean ups, hauling, pressure washing, weeding, fertilization, aerating, hillside mowing, bed edging, seeding, and snow removal. Nichols Lawn Care Roanoke has over twenty years of experience in landscaping.

Arroyo’s Garden Services

Whether you need your lawn mowed on a daily basis or have a large tree or shrub that needs a little work, you can count on Albert and his team to deliver a quality job. You can also get a sidewalk repaired or shrub trimmed, depending on your needs. With 11 years in the business, Arroyo’s Garden Services is one of the best companies to hire for lawn care in Roanoke.

While some lawn care companies may be more affordable than others, the majority of homeowners need the work done on a regular basis. Arroyo’s Garden Services provides lawn care and snow removal services. This company also offers landscaping and sodding services, including concrete staining, and winter snow removal. The company’s customer base is growing every day, and they’re ready to serve your needs.


Using GreenPal to find a landscape professional is like using Uber, but for your lawn. You simply provide your full name and address to find a landscaping professional, and they will quote the work they need to do. Since its launch in Nashville, Tenn., GreenPal has expanded to more than 250 markets. You can now find a landscaper in Roanoke with GreenPal, or in any other city.

Using GreenPal, you can get a professional lawn mowing service from the comfort of your home. GreenPal lets you choose from a list of lawn care providers in your area, read reviews, and provide feedback. This new service can eliminate time-consuming yard care tasks, like shopping for fertilizer and buying grass seeds. Getting multiple quotes on the app is similar to ordering a home service.

Once you’ve listed your lawn, GreenPal will alert a local lawn care professional to bid on the job. These lawn care professionals will bid on your yard based on aerial and street images of your property. Once you’ve selected the vendor, they’ll send you time-stamped photos of their completed work. You can pay through the app and set up more appointments. Unlike the old days, there’s no need to wait to hire a professional.


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