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Commitment, Compassion and Courtesy

Roanoke Fire EMS is dedicated to community service, commitment, compassion and courtesy. Dedicated firefighters respond to emergencies and help residents. Roanoke Fire EMS station personnel serve as a community resource and teach fire safety and compassion. Lost children can go to the station to find a safe place. In addition, firefighters distribute city documents and provide a welcoming place for parents to drop off their kids. Roanoke Fire EMS is an excellent example of what a good emergency response service looks like.

Roanoke Fire EMS Station 1

The City of Roanoke has recently opened a new Fire-EMS station in downtown Roanoke, VA. Previously, the historic Roanoke Fire EMS Station 1 stood vacant for over a decade, but now it will become a new home for the department. The building has 29,000 square feet and is home to the Fire-EMS Administration and the Office of the Chief. Upon completion, the new Roanoke Fire-EMS Station 1 will be home to the department’s other stations.

The Roanoke Fire EMS Department is a full-service fire agency providing fire suppression, education programs, and basic and advanced pre-hospital life support. In addition, the department supports the regional hazardous materials team. Roanoke Fire-EMS stations serve as neighborhood resources in the community and are frequently involved in city affairs. Oftentimes, station personnel provides services to the public in the form of distributing important city documents, teaching fire safety and providing a safe haven for children.

The first Roanoke Fire EMS Station was erected on Church Street in 1906 and is now a National Register of Historic Places building. The building was designed after Philadelphia’s Independence Hall and was the oldest fire station in the state. The original station was built in 1907, but a new one was constructed in 2007 to replace it. The original station was designed by Huggins and Bates, and today is a National Register of Historic Places site. It is also a popular tourist destination for people visiting the city.

Roanoke Fire EMS’s 2022 Business Plan

The city’s 2022 Business Plan was unveiled during the presentation of a public safety report by Roanoke Fire-EMS to the city council on Monday. Fire-EMS chief Jeff Cox said that 2021 was the busiest year in the department’s history. The department responded to more than 30,000 calls in 2021 and expects even more calls in 2022. Roanoke Fire-EMS still has staffing issues, however. More than half of the department’s firefighters and paramedics are less than five years old.

As a part of the plan, Roanoke Fire-EMS plans to replace two fire stations in the city. Firefighters are currently stationed at Station 2 on Noble Avenue and at Station 8 on Crystal Spring Avenue. The new fire stations will be located at McClanahan Street and Williamson Road. Construction of the new fire stations will begin by 2026. The new fire stations will have more space and more equipment.

Roanoke Fire EMS’s commitment to commitment, courtesy and compassion

The Roanoke Fire EMS Department is a unified fire and emergency medical services department that respond to medical emergencies and motor vehicle accidents. Their commitment to courtesy, compassion and commitment to the community is a hallmark of the department. In addition to providing emergency medical services, the department offers community outreach and education through fire safety training, the distribution of important city documents, and the provision of a safe place for lost children.

The department’s 2022 Business Plan highlights what they need to improve. The plan will be reviewed regularly and will continue to address the needs of Roanoke residents. Ultimately, the city’s support of Roanoke Fire EMS will ensure that the department can meet the demands of its community. However, it isn’t without its challenges. Roanoke Fire EMS is constantly updating its 2022 Business Plan.

Founded in 1882, Roanoke Fire EMS is part of the Division 6 Heavy Technical Team and Swift Water Rescue Team. Roanoke Fire EMS is located at Station 2 in Roanoke, VA and is led by Fire Chief David Hoback. In the Jefferson Davis Parish Fire Protection District 1, they are responsible for all medical and hazardous material incidents. To contact Roanoke Fire EMS, visit their website or call their dispatcher.


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