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  • All About Roanoke VA

    All About Roanoke VA

    In this article, we will explore the History of Roanoke Va, its Weather, and its Real Estate. Before you move to this city, be sure to check out our previous articles on Roanoke Real Estate, Weather, and Population. This information will help you learn more about the city and make the most informed decision when […]

  • Divorce Attorneys Roanoke

    Divorce Attorneys Roanoke

    In addition to being highly experienced, Divorce Attorneys in Roanoke offer many benefits that you should consider when selecting one. Firstly, it is a smart long-term decision to hire a divorce attorney. This is because this area of law can be highly emotional and complex. The attorneys at Glenn Robinson Cathey Memmer & Skaff PLC […]

  • DUI Attorneys Roanoke

    DUI Attorneys Roanoke

    Protect Your Rights and Your Criminal Record If you or a loved one has been charged with a DUI in Roanoke, Virginia, you should contact a skilled and experienced attorney to represent you in court. You should also be aware of the consequences of a DUI conviction. In this article, you’ll learn about the Blood […]

  • Lawn Care Roanoke

    Lawn Care Roanoke

    Lawn Care Companies in Roanoke When you want a perfect lawn, you can find a professional who specializes in lawn care in Roanoke. Whether you need an extensive landscaping job or just a simple mowing, there are several companies that will take care of your lawn. These companies include Grasshopper Lawn Care, Henry’s Lawn Care, […]

  • Plumbers Roanoke

    Plumbers Roanoke

    Plumbing Jobs in Roanoke, VA Plumbing services are vital to the well-being of a community, and Roanoke has no shortage of qualified plumbers. James Buck Plumbing & Heating Inc., a local company founded in 1978, specializes in residential and commercial plumbing projects. These plumbers can install water lines, repair plumbing fixtures, and garbage disposals, and […]

  • Things to Do in Roanoke

    Things to Do in Roanoke

    Getting lost in the antiques at Black Dog Salvage is one of the best Things to Do in Roanoke VA. Although it is best to visit on a rainy day, you can find a unique piece that you can ship anywhere. They have custom furniture paint and will even ship your purchase! You can even […]

  • Real Estate in Roanoke

    Real Estate in Roanoke

    Buying Real Estate in Roanoke VA If you are thinking about moving to Roanoke, Virginia, you should do some research first. While prices are on the rise across the country, Roanoke’s rents have gone up 16% in the past three years. Some factors to consider before purchasing real estate in the area include the location, […]

  • Signs of Police Surveillance

    Signs of Police Surveillance

    If you have been driving in Virginia, you may have noticed several signs of police surveillance. These signs include: Red light cameras, Speeding, and Audio recording. Speeding is against the law in Virginia, so these are signs of surveillance. However, these signs may not necessarily be a sign of police surveillance. Speeding is illegal unless […]

  • Uranium Mining Virginia

    Uranium Mining Virginia

    Virginia Uranium – Costs and Dangers The state of Virginia has no laws or regulatory infrastructure specifically related to uranium mining. However, there are other concerns surrounding uranium mining in Virginia, including the costs and dangers. Continue reading to learn about these concerns and the dangers of uranium mining in Virginia. Also, find out what […]

  • Virginia Coalition for Open Government

    Virginia Coalition for Open Government

    The executive director of Virginia Coalition for Open Government, Forrest M. Landon, is retiring June 30. In his last blog post, he explained some of the key points about the law. Here are some additional thoughts about the law and a few of the nuances. Also, read about Penalties and Judicial Records. These documents may […]