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  • Libertarian Party of Virginia

    Libertarian Party of Virginia

    Access to the Ballot for the Libertarian Party of Virginia The Libertarian Party of Virginia seems like a serious political party. It has a clear program, but the support it receives nationwide is very thin. The party’s access to the ballot is not governed by its seriousness, but rather by the requirements of content neutrality, […]

  • Virginia Health Care Association

    Virginia Health Care Association

    Why You Should Become a Member If you’re a health professional in Virginia, you’re probably aware of the Virginia Health Care Association. The nonprofit organization works on behalf of rural Virginia’s 2.5 million residents to improve health care and foster cooperative partnerships. This article explains why you should become a member. Read on to learn […]

  • Virginia Senate Districts

    Virginia Senate Districts

    The 2010 Census has provided the data used to draw up Virginia’s Map of Senate Districts. The maps are divided into blocks, precincts, and parts of counties. They are filed with the Clerk of the House of Delegates and based on the precincts in effect on April 1, 2011. Map If you want to vote […]

  • Small Business Loans Virginia

    Small Business Loans Virginia

    According to a recent SBA report, 85 percent of the 100, 000-plus individual loans in Virginia were less than $150,000 apiece. While the details aren’t public, it’s worth noting that specific business names weren’t disclosed, putting personal information at risk. Moreover, the data did reveal that several national franchise operators got top dollar loans. In […]

  • Roanoke Fire EMS

    Roanoke Fire EMS

    Commitment, Compassion and Courtesy Roanoke Fire EMS is dedicated to community service, commitment, compassion and courtesy. Dedicated firefighters respond to emergencies and help residents. Roanoke Fire EMS station personnel serve as a community resource and teach fire safety and compassion. Lost children can go to the station to find a safe place. In addition, firefighters […]

  • Brandon Bell

    Brandon Bell

    A Little-Known Virginia Politician Are you aware of the name John Brandon Bell II? He is an American politician and former state senator from Virginia. He is best known for naming his daughter Amanda after his father. This little-known politician is also the father of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. You might have heard […]

  • Business Attorney Roanoke VA

    Business Attorney Roanoke VA

    If you are looking for a business attorney in Roanoke, Virginia, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll look at John Fishwick, Brian T. Mack, McCormick Law, PC, and Higgs Law Firm. While this is not an exhaustive list, it will give you a good idea of what to look for. Each […]

  • Terry McAuliffe

    Terry McAuliffe

    You might be interested in learning more about Terry McAuliffe, former Governor of Virginia. In addition to his service as governor of Virginia, he is a former co-chairman of the 1996 Bill Clinton presidential campaign. This article will introduce you to McAuliffe and give you a brief history of his career. Besides being a friend […]