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  • Virginia Domestic Violence Laws

    Virginia Domestic Violence Laws

    Criminal charges for domestic violence are serious, and if you are convicted, you may face jail time, fines, and restrictions on the contact between you and the victim after your release. Arrest for domestic violence can also damage your reputation, as an innocent person may be arrested on a made-up story. Often, a defendant will […]

  • Roanoke Mayor David Bowers

    Roanoke Mayor David Bowers

    Roanoke, VA. Mayor David Bowers has expressed his disapproval of the city council’s decision not to sever ties with its Russian sister city, Pskov, but he said he is eager to reconnect with Roanoke residents. Bowers is currently running for re-election in the fall, so he’s keen to get to know his neighbors and the […]

  • Roanoke City Sheriff’s Office

    Roanoke City Sheriff’s Office

    If you’re looking for information about the Roanoke City Sheriff’s Office, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about the 101-employee agency’s medical and mental health services, the qualifications of its deputies, and a lawsuit against the department filed by an employee. If you’d like to learn more about the Roanoke City […]

  • Roanoke VA Artists

    Roanoke VA Artists

    Looking for an art show in Roanoke VA? You’ve come to the right place. We have the scoop on the Sidewalk Art Show and the Black Dog Salvage architectural design business. Learn about the works of Mary Peterson Vargas and Judith Leiber. Then, visit some of our favorite artists’ studios! This list of Roanoke VA […]

  • William Dabney World War 2 Veteran

    William Dabney World War 2 Veteran

    A former member of the 320th Barrage Balloon Battalion will be joining President Obama at Omaha Beach this month to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the French invasion. Dabney was awarded the French government’s Legion of Honor for his efforts during the war. The White House Commission on Remembrance will conduct a service at American […]

  • Ralph Northam

    Ralph Northam

    If you’re looking for a great female governor for Virginia, you can’t go wrong with Ralph Northam. Not only did he become the first female governor in the state, but he also restored civil rights to more than 120,000 people convicted of felonies. He issued more pardons than many previous governors combined, and he wore […]

  • What is a Filibuster in Politics

    What is a Filibuster in Politics

    If you are wondering what is a filibuster in politics, it is a good idea to know what is a filibuster, as well as the conditions under which a senator can break one. Let’s start with some history and impact. Then, we’ll look at the circumstances of breaking a filibuster. After all, it’s only fair […]

  • Attorney General of Virginia Responsibilities

    Attorney General of Virginia Responsibilities

    There are many different responsibilities that the office of the Attorney General of Virginia has. This position is also known as the Commonwealth Attorney. The office has a large staff consisting of 140 legal assistants, 140 legal secretaries, and 40 full-time lawyers who are appointed as special counsel. Like a private law firm, the office […]

  • Norfolk and Western J Class

    Norfolk and Western J Class

    The J Class of the Norfolk and Western Railroad was a late-era model, bringing modern features to this popular steam locomotive. Other features included a feedwater heater, automatic stoker, and more Timken roller bearings to reduce wear and tear on the moving parts of the locomotive. Added bearings were also found in the axles, main […]

  • Lt Governors Office Virginia

    Lt Governors Office Virginia

    The Lt Governors Office is a constitutional office in Virginia. They are elected every four years along with the governor and attorney general. They have the same powers and responsibilities as their counterparts in the state government, and serve without compensation. Read on to learn about these officers and their responsibilities in Virginia. We hope […]