Attorney General of Virginia Responsibilities

There are many different responsibilities that the office of the Attorney General of Virginia has. This position is also known as the Commonwealth Attorney. The office has a large staff consisting of 140 legal assistants, 140 legal secretaries, and 40 full-time lawyers who are appointed as special counsel. Like a private law firm, the office is structured so that there are separate divisions for each type of legal issue. The Attorney General’s Office of Virginia is made up of five separate divisions, each with a different focus.

Office of the General Counsel

The Virginia attorney general’s office has several distinct roles. The office provides legal advice and representation to the governor and executive agencies, including the Virginia Corporation Commission, and acts as the primary source of government litigation. It also conducts criminal investigations and prosecutions, both in limited cases and in a broad sense. The office also defends state laws on appeal and assists the public. There is an interesting dynamic between the governors of different political parties when it comes to the role of counsel to the governor.

The Office of the Attorney-General is responsible for criminal investigations, apprehensions, and digital forensics. It also oversees the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, which investigates Medicaid providers’ criminal activities, as well as the abuse and neglect of patients in health care facilities. It assists local authorities with criminal prosecutions and provides direct compensation payments to victims of crime. It also provides grants to victims’ assistance agencies.

Office of the University Counsel

Miyares’ recent inauguration resulted in a series of firings at large public universities, including the attorneys for the University of Virginia and George Mason University. The two former attorneys were Tim Heaphy and Brian Walther, who served as school counsel at the University of Virginia and George Mason University, respectively. The Attorney General of Virginia’s Office is responsible for appointing school counsel for public universities.

The Office of the University Counsel is responsible for providing legal counsel and representation to the University of Virginia. They provide legal advice to the Board of Visitors, President, executive officers, faculty, and staff of the University. University Counsel also assists in the development and implementation of legal resources and defends the University in all administrative settings. Listed below are some of their main responsibilities. You can learn more about the specific duties of the University Counsel in the Department of Legal Affairs.

Office of the Commonwealth Attorney

The Office of the Commonwealth Attorney prosecutes all felonies and certain misdemeanor crimes. In addition to prosecuting criminal cases, the office advises state and local law enforcement agencies and magistrates. The Office of the Commonwealth Attorney consists of a chief prosecutor and assistant commonwealth’s attorneys. Although the office is responsible for prosecuting criminal cases, it also handles civil matters, including cases involving election law and the handling of VASAP. Additionally, the office screens concealed weapons permit applicants, as well as provides general legal assistance.

The Commonwealth’s Attorney is elected by residents of each city or county. This state-appointed position serves a four-year term. The Office of the Commonwealth Attorney prosecutes crimes that occur in the locality. They also have the discretion to prosecute misdemeanor crimes, and they are required to perform certain civil functions, including drafting and implementing judicial decisions. The Commonwealth’s Attorney also oversees the legal team of the state police department, the Sheriff’s office, and the police department.

Office of the Commonwealth Attorney in Roanoke

The Roanoke County Office of the Commonwealth Attorney prosecutes felony and misdemeanor cases. As part of their duties, they also work with the local Police Department and Sheriff to provide legal assistance. A commonwealth’s attorney is the official who prosecutes criminal cases in the county, including misdemeanors, petty offenses, and traffic violations. In addition, they provide legal advice to the public on local laws and other matters.

Don Caldwell, the incumbent Commonwealth Attorney in Roanoke, won re-election Tuesday night by receiving over half the vote in 22 precincts. Provisional ballots were not counted, so results may be delayed a bit. Caldwell has held office since 1979 and is now in his eleventh term. His opponent, Melvin Hill, a former Assistant Commonwealth Attorney, has not run for office in four decades, and he has faced only one other challenge.

Office of the Commonwealth Attorney in Dickenson County

The Office of the Commonwealth Attorney in Dickenson, VA is a district attorney’s office. Located at Main Street, Clintwood, VA 24228, this office handles criminal matters. It also provides legal assistance and enforcement services. Listed below are some of the services the Commonwealth Attorney in Dickenson County provides. While there are several district attorneys’ offices in Virginia, Dickenson County has its own Commonwealth Attorney.

The Commonwealth Attorney’s role is a vital one. He or she supervises the criminal investigation of the county, advises police officers, and directs the extradition of fugitives from another jurisdiction. This office also meets with victims of crime to discuss their rights and possible punishments. Unlike a District Attorney, the Commonwealth Attorney can’t practice civil law and is elected every four years.